Why Retail Businesses Should Up Their Security During the Holidays

The holidays are a joyous time, but also the busiest period for theft cases. Thieves are desperate to capitalize on the increased spending habits and the vulnerability of consumers. Corporate commercial security services can act as a frontline for reducing criminal activity.

Some of the best security measures are those with unsuspecting methods. Undercover security is both familiar and extremely valuable for protecting a business behind-the-scenes. Having employees planted throughout your store or facility can be the pair of eyes a camera misses.

Another significant security aspect is a physical officer who patrols the premises or store grounds. Thieves are less likely to go through with their intentions if they feel they might get caught. A patrolling officer can witness theft as it happens, and be a powerful preventative device.

No matter how attentive your security is, the human eye can get distracted. Either between shifts or during high-traction, a patrolling guard is a good defense, but a backup method is a good idea too. Companies that use cameras positioned at high-traffic locations decrease their loss-prevention risk.

External theft happens, but internal theft is genuine too. Some companies are especially vulnerable around the holiday season when hiring temporary or seasonal employees. Despite the increase in demand for labor, managers would do well to run efficient checks of all employees, regardless of the employee’s expected time frame.

When it comes to protecting loss prevention, corporate commercial security services are invaluable. GSG Protective Services offers a full range of security services from physical security, investigations, and more.

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