Choosing an Access Control System in Louisville KY

Choosing an Access Control System in Louisville KY

Access control systems are put in place to ensure that all the materials and information that is sensitive and important is kept safe. The systems are normally installed in both residential and commercial buildings. With the many different systems in the market, it is difficult to choose the most appropriate Access Control system Louisville KY option. Here are some of the commonest control systems.


Fencing is probably the oldest form of access control known to man. A conventional fence is means to limit the number of people that can access a particular place. However, technology has brought along inventions that have made fencing more technologically advanced. For instance:

1. It is possible to get an electric fence. It keeps animals and other unwanted intruders off by electrocuting anyone that tries to gain access to a building through the fence.

2. After installing a step, you get to install a gate. The gate could be manned by a guard or have a security camera. This will make it easier to control the people that enter your premises.

Door locks and security systems

Locks are the oldest way of making sure that restricted areas of the building aren’t accessed. Developments in technology have improved locks from the basic lock that can easily be picked to systems that use card readers and thumb prints in order to allow access. For instance, most hotels have card based door locks, unless you have a card with the matching bar code, you cannot gain access to a particular room.

Door alarms are another form of access control. You engage the alarm when you leave the house and disarm it when in. The alarm detects when a burglar tries to break in and alerts you.

Face and voice recognition access control systems

There are certain access control systems that use facial recognition devices to allow or restrict access. These are quite expensive to install. However, they are very effective as an access control measures especially in commercial buildings.

All these are systems that competent access control experts such as Sonitrol. can help you install in addition to fencing.

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