The Key Things That You Need to Know About Hearing Loss in Oklahoma

The Key Things That You Need to Know About Hearing Loss in Oklahoma

Hearing loss is a problem that can affect one or both ears. This problem can affect anyone, but it typically occurs in people who are over the age of 60. Ear infections, wax buildup, and exposure to loud noise are some of the things that can cause you to lose your hearing. There are several things that you need to know about hearing loss in Ada.

What are Some of The Symptoms of a Hearing Problem?

You may find yourself having to turn up the television or radio louder. You may also have to ask people to repeat themselves. Tinnitus, increasing difficulty communicating in public places and avoidance of social situations are other signs of a hearing problem.

What Are Some of The Risk Factors for Developing a Hearing Problem?

Aging is one of the risk factors. Your inner ear structure has a tendency to break down as you get older. Heredity can also put you at risk for developing a hearing problem. If you are exposed to a lot of noise, then you are more likely to suffer hearing loss in Ada.

How Can Hearing Loss Be Treated?

One of the keys to treating hearing loss is to get the proper diagnosis. You will need to visit Earmaster. You will get a general exam. The health care professional will look at your ears and look for any abnormalities. They will also do hearing tests.

Aspirin, antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs can cause hearing loss. You may also need hearing aids. Hearing aids work by amplifying the sound. Additionally, if you have severe hearing loss, then you may need cochlear implants.


You can prevent hearing loss by protecting your ears. If you are exposed to loud noises, then you should use ear plugs. It is also a good idea to get your hearing tested on a regular basis.

If you need to get a hearing test, then you will need to contact EarMaster at

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