What Do You Get with Government Phones in Wisconsin

What Do You Get with Government Phones in Wisconsin

If you’re on government assistance, such as food stamps or Section 8 housing assistance, or your income falls at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, you could qualify for a free cell phone. Cell phones have become a critical part of society, but when you can’t afford to get one, you can be at a disadvantage. With government phones in Wisconsin, you can get the phone you need without the high cost of working with a private provider. The following is what you should expect.

A Free Phone

When you qualify for government phones in Wisconsin, you can’t expect to get the latest models for your free cell phone. However, you can count on getting a reliable phone that gets the job done while still having many of the features you want in a phone. Unfortunately, you won’t know what phones are available until after you qualify for the program, but some of the phones you might see include Unimax, Kyocera, ANS, and more. Once you qualify, you will be free to choose a phone from the provider’s list of options. You receive one free phone per household.

Included Features

Government phones in Wisconsin generally include a basic text and calling package to ensure you can remain in contact with family members, employers, and others. In general, your free phone plan will include features like nationwide calling, unlimited texts, call waiting, voicemail, three-way calling, and caller ID. You won’t pay roaming charges or for long distance domestic calls. Affordable rechargeable plans are also available if you need something more from your phone service.

If you think you’re eligible for government phones in Wisconsin, visit the Infiniti Mobile website to learn more.

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