How to Know Am Qualified For The Free Government Cell Phones In Wisconsin?

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Phone service provider

In early 1980, the federal government of America introduced a lifeline assistance program to enable those living below the poverty line to access cell phones for effective and efficient communication. Before that, many low-income households were using landlines, which wasn’t that much convenient. Alongside providing cell phones, the government also introduced free talk, text, and data services to those eligible. While the program still stands today, it has significantly transformed the lives of low-income Americans in a great way.

However, the greatest question that probably lingers in the minds of many is, ‘how do I know I am eligible for the free government cell phones in Wisconsin?’ Well, the eligibility for this program varies from state to state. However, everybody is often encouraged to apply. In Wisconsin, if you are under the federal government program such as Medicaid, SSI, or eligible for Food Stamps, then you automatically qualify for receiving the government cell phones.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that only those entitled to receive government aids qualify for the phones. Therefore, if you aren’t receiving any government assistance program, you have no reason to lose hope. As much as you fall under low-income persons, you should apply for the program. All you have to do is provide evidence that your total income falls under or is below the federal poverty guidelines as per the state of residence.

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