How to Choose the Right Moving Truck for Your Next New York Move

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Van Rental

Moving can sometimes be a stressful and crazy process. With that in mind, it’s important to do all you can to make it as smooth as possible. One way you can help make it easier is to ensure you rent the best moving truck for your needs so you can get all your belongings where they need to be. To help you as you prepare to rent a moving truck in New York, NY, here are a couple of tips of what you need to look for.


When choosing a moving truck, you want to make sure that you rent a truck that’s large enough to haul all your stuff without being so large that you end up with a lot of extra space. This wasted space just means that you wasted money by renting a larger truck than necessary. One easy way to determine the size of truck you will need is by considering the number of bedrooms in your home. Another method is to calculate how many cubic feet make up your home and compare that to the cubic measurements of a moving truck.


Another important consideration is the accessories that go along with the truck you rent. When you rent a moving truck in New York, NY, you may also need a dolly to help you move heavy belongings, a built-in ramp to help you easily load the truck, and moving blankets to protect your furniture. It’s important to understand the cost of these accessories to ensure you can have a seamless move for the lowest overall cost.

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