3 Common Myths about Bail Bonding in Kaufman, Texas, Debunked

Sometimes, people go to jail. Right after people get arrested, they’re almost always taken to jail, where they’ll remain until their trials are over. However, it’s possible to be released from jail following an arrest and prior to trial. Let’s debunk a few myths about bail bond service in Kaufman, TX.

Myth – All Defendants Can Be Bonded Out

Although bail bondsmen are good at what they do, they’re not magicians or all-powerful beings. No matter what they do, it’s not possible for bail bond service providers to end up having a judge set a previously-unbailed defendant’s bail instead of forcing that person to rot away in jail until their trial.

Myth – Innocence Equals Refunding Bail Bond Fees

Bail bonds usually cost about 10% of the bail amount, not to mention a few other charges, fees, and add-ons. Some people think that if you’re proven innocent, you’ll get your bail bond fees back. This isn’t true – no matter what, you aren’t entitled to getting that premium back.

Myth – Bail Bonding Is Filled with Drama

There are several television shows that have revolved entirely around bail bondsmen and bounty hunters. Believe it or not, bail bonding isn’t the drama-filled charade you watch on television. Rather, it’s quite civil, quiet, and mild-mannered.

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