Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service In Baltimore MD

Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service In Baltimore MD

We often dismiss the seemingly minor plumbing issues until one day we come home to a drenched carpet. Here are three signs that you need to get your drain cleaned.

Your Drains Keep Clogging

Reaching for your plunger every other day is a telltale sign that you are overdue for a Drain Cleaning in Baltimore, MD. While a plunger may seem to take care of the problem, it will only serve as a temporary solution. Frequent clogs indicate that there is a lot of waste collecting in your pipes, and if it isn’t cleared out soon, you can expect to experience a major clog that will affect all of your drains.

Your Water Drains Slowly

If your water takes a while to flow down, there is probably a mass blocking your pipes. If pouring white vinegar and baking soda down the drain doesn’t speed up the process, you will need to call a plumber to remove the obstruction.

Your Drain Has A Funny Smell

Most smells are eliminated as the food passes through the drain. However, if your sink or toilet wreaks of sewage or another foul odor, you need to call a plumber and request drain cleaning in Baltimore, MD. Your toilet may be failing to properly dispose of the excess, or an animal could be caught in your pipelines.

We at Saffer Plumbing are ready to make your plumbing issues a worry of the past. Call us today to inquire about drain cleaning, heating services, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

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