Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling With A Florida MMJ Card

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling With A Florida MMJ Card

Patients in and around Kissimmee, FL, with a medical marijuana card often have concerns about traveling and the ability to have access to medical marijuana to treat their qualifying medical and psychological conditions.

The concerns are different if traveling inside of the state borders or outside of the state borders. A local dispensary in Kissimmee, FL, can be helpful in directing patients to the latest information and legal issues to consider if traveling with the MMJ card.

Within Florida

The Florida MMJ card is valid across the state and is accepted by all Florida dispensaries. The patient will need to have both a medical marijuana card and valid personal identification to enter the dispensary and make a purchase.

There are many different websites that list dispensaries in and around the state. This makes it easy for patients to know where to go to find the specific formula or product they require.

Outside of Florida

Traveling outside of Florida with the MMJ card is not as easy. Some states will accept a Florida medical marijuana card, but it is typically at the discretion of the dispensary. There are specific guidelines for each state, and it is up to the patient to know, understand, and follow all laws around purchasing medical marijuana.

It is critical to understand that a medical marijuana card does not allow the patient to transport medical marijuana across state lines. This is illegal and can result in federal drug charges.

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