When To Schedule An Appointment With A Medical Marijuana Doctor

When To Schedule An Appointment With A Medical Marijuana Doctor

Patients in and around Jacksonville, FL, can schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor without the need for a referral. This is a required step in the process of getting an MMJ card, which is needed to purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary in the state.

The medical marijuana card is valid across the state, which means that obtaining the MMJ card in Jacksonville, FL, allows you to shop at any dispensary in any location. Many other states also recognize the Florida MMJ card, but it is important to realize this is not across all states.

What to Know

Before scheduling an exam with a medical marijuana doctor in Jacksonville, FL, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Most patients will have a current diagnosis of one or more qualifying conditions. Some patients may have a diagnosis of a similar condition.

Having this type of diagnosis is helpful to provide the necessary paperwork and documentation prior to your appointment. This information can be uploaded and shared securely with the medical marijuana clinic as instructed.

The medical marijuana doctor can also provide a diagnosis for some types of medical and psychological conditions. The exam will determine if the condition qualifies.

When to Schedule

The process to schedule a medical marijuana exam is very simple. The patient completes an online qualification form, provides the necessary documentation, pays the fee, chooses a time, and attends the in-person appointment. The entire process can take just a couple of days and allows the patient to schedule at his or her convenience.

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