The Different Materials Used For Metal Roofing

The Different Materials Used For Metal Roofing

Years ago, corrugated tin was a favorite material for metal roofing in South Plainfield NJ; this is no longer true, but metal roofs are still used a great deal. There are five materials, which are commonly used:

Steel: Steel is sturdy and it is by far, the most popular metal roof. There are many ways to protect the material from the elements but when the material is used for roofing, it is usually zinc plated, then a sealant is applied, and then rust-resistant paint is applied.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel needs no further exterior protection; the material will not rust. Although it is maintenance-free, it is rather expensive. If, however, you want the longevity of stainless, but you also want to avoid the clinical coldness of the material, there are decorative coatings available.

Aluminum: Aluminum is the choice of many homeowners who want metal roofing. It is very lightweight, so there is no need for a strong roof structure to support it and it too, will not rust. Aluminum can be anodized into many colors when used as a roofing material.

Copper: Copper is regaining its popularity, especially as accent pieces on new homes and replacement roofs for period homes. Over time, copper takes on a beautiful green patina which will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Alloys: There are several alloys, which have been formulated to be used for specific functions; many of the installations take place in industrial facilities where chemical corrosion may be a concern. The costs depend on the specific alloy.

The Underlay Materials:

Roofing underlay is used during the installation of metal roofing in South Plainfield NJ. Years ago, this underlay was no more than a paper that was impregnated with tar; it acted as the weather barrier between the roof deck and the metal. Today, many options are much more sophisticated and better suited for the purpose. Rubber, fiberglass, organic and synthetic; are all options. The right choice of underlay will help keep the cold out and the heat in or vice-versa. They are all anti-slip so there is no danger to the roofers, and they can remain exposed to the elements for an extended period during the construction of the building.


Most metal roofing in South Plainfield NJ is used on steep slope roofs. The metal panels are architectural, structural, or flat metal shingles. Most metal roofs that are used for steep slopes are overlapped and there is no need for a gasket at the joint, panels that are used for flatter roofs need a water barrier to avoid leaks. There are several different seam designs used, all have specific purposes and are used with various metals. Not all seam designs are used with all the various metal options.

Metal buildings and metal roofing in South Plainfield NJ can be custom designed for any particular application. Badger Roofing Inc has had plenty of experience in building metal buildings for storage purposes or workshops.

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