Will I Have Enough To Retire?

Will I Have Enough To Retire?

One of the most common questions Matthew Dixon hears from individuals and couples in Seneca, SC, is about their ability to retire and live the life they dreamed. There are many factors that go into the answer, with the biggest factor being the size and type of retirement investment and plan.

The good news is that Matthew Dixon, a Registered Financial Consultant, can work with individuals or couples to evaluate their retirement plan. In most cases, he can also assist in finding ways to add to your retirement by reducing taxes, leaving you more money to invest. Of course, wisely investing in retirement tools to defer taxes has a double benefit.

Protecting Your Assets

There are different types of assets and income generating plans that can carry over into retirement. Matthew Dixon starts by reviewing what the individual or couple have that can be passive income generation during retirement.

Choosing to move assets from highly volatile types of investments to more stable and secure investments is important the closer people get to retirement. This prevents a drop in a market or the loss of a high-risk investment from preventing you from retiring with the savings required.

Avoid Playing the Market

Unfortunately, people in Seneca, SC, often fall trap to high-risk, high-reward plans to build their retirement savings. Highly volatile markets or following the daily markets and reacting by adding or getting rid of stocks or investments can dramatically decrease your savings. Staying with a plan helps to even out the peaks and valleys while continuing to offer steady growth in retirement savings.

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