Know How Copper Electroplating Can Work for Your Business

Know How Copper Electroplating Can Work for Your Business

Electroplating is the process of coating one material with another. The second material is usually a more durable metal than the first and the idea is to provide greater protection to the first metal. For industrial services, it can mean adding strength to those parts that they would not have possessed otherwise.

Copper electroplating in particular can have its benefits. Copper, which is reddish-orange in color, is known for its malleability, corrosion resistance, and high electrical conductivity. When applied to another, weaker metal, it can transfer some of those traits into the former metal, making it stronger in the process.

Copper Electroplating

In copper electroplating, there is a metal substrate placed into an electrolytic bath. There is a current of electricity that then causes those copper ions to adhere to the surface of the original, base metal.

What results is a thin copper surface. That copper surface brings with it the aforementioned properties of copper. All to create a stronger, more durable workpiece than what we were originally faced with.

A Superior Conductor

One of the primary reasons to go with copper for electroplating is because of its superior conductivity. For plating in general, copper is often the choice in both semiconductor and electronics industries. Not only that, but its adhesiveness makes it a highly effective underplate for both nickel and tin plating. There are even some industries that use copper to provide a metallization for materials such as plastic.

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