Tips on Taking Care of Your Danish Furniture

Tips on Taking Care of Your Danish Furniture

So, you just bought this gorgeous Danish side table. It sits well by the living room, looking magnificent but relatively minimalist. You’ve now achieved your dream of a Nordic style living room, and you couldn’t be more delighted. Now, the question is, “how do you keep this piece of Danish furniture in good shape?”

Cleaning Teak Furniture

Teak is naturally resistant to drought and mold. However, it is still necessary to clean it properly to prevent mildew from forming. Moreover, teak furniture can become stained over the time you have been using it. Therefore, it helps a lot if you know how to clean Danish teak furniture.

Thankfully, cleaning teak furniture is simple. You can simply use soap and water, or for a more powerful solution, you can use a mixture of bleach, laundry detergent, and water. Make sure to apply the mixture gently to your furniture using a cloth or a soft brush. Otherwise, you may damage the teak wood.

Once you’ve applied the solution, rinse these areas with water. If you’re using a hose, make sure it is on a lighter pressure setting, as high pressure can also damage the wood. Keep rinsing it until all the suds and dirt is gone.

Finally, you’ll want to thoroughly dry the teak wood. While it is naturally resilient to water damage, you can ensure its longevity by ensuring it’s not exposed to excessive amounts of water.

Oiling Danish Furniture

Besides cleaning, oiling is also essential for maintaining your Danish furniture. This step is done once the table is clean and dry. You can provide it with a protective layer that enhances the wood’s durability by oiling it. Not only that, oiling makes the teak furniture look attractive so that you can admire the beauty of your Danish furniture for a long time.

To oil your teak furniture, you’ll need some teak oil. This label can be confusing, as manufacturers use different substances to make it. The specific kind of teak oil you’ll need is a mixture of linseed and tung oil. You can either buy this kind of teak oil yourself or buy linseed and tung oils and mix them together.

Then, you’ll need to sand your Danish furniture piece to get rid of any previous coatings. After this, you can use a cloth or a paintbrush to apply a liberal coat to the wood. Just make sure that what you’re using to apply it does not have any lint on it. Then, take a dry cloth and gently wipe off any excess oil. You’ll want to leave the furniture to dry for a few hours before coming back.

After this, you can repeat the process to apply a second coat and more coats if necessary. Once you’ve finished coating it however many times you like, leave it to dry once more, and your furniture should have an enhanced look.


This is how easy it is to take care of your Danish furniture. Contrary to what you might think, there is no need to go the extra mile just to clean Danish furniture. You can mostly clean it using substances you find around the house, and it will retain its appearance for many years to come.

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