Avoid Problems by Using Professional Termite Treatments in Dubbo

Avoid Problems by Using Professional Termite Treatments in Dubbo

The homeowner has any number of things to worry about, but pest invasions can be some of the worst. While most of these creatures attack either the food or the people in the building, there is one species of insect that goes after the building itself: termites. There are literally thousands of types of termites, but the two that are a problem for the homeowner are the drywood termite and the subterranean termite. Each type will attack the home differently and each of them require specific professional termite treatments in dubbo.

The drywood termite actually lives inside the wood it consumes. Sometimes, this can make it difficult to determine that termites have infested the building until they have caused a lot of damage. Homeowners can tell a drywood termite infestation by the various tunnels bored into the wood. Because the drywood termite can infest a home in several places, the most common method of treatment is fumigation. This treatment usually requires the homeowner vacate the building temporarily while the pest control expert erects a tent and introduces the pesticide gas.

Subterranean termites live in the soil. In fact, they rarely leave the soil, but this makes them easier to locate. These termites leave small dirt tubes from the ground to their chosen food source. You can often see these tunnels on concrete foundations and other barriers the insect must cross.

Professional Termite Treatments in Dubbo, for subterranean termites include liquid bait and monitor systems. Liquid repellent and termiticides. These treatments tend to work better because fumigation may not reach the underground termites.

Termites can do a lot of damage to any building constructed using wood. If the problem isn’t caught early, the owner could end up with some expensive repair bills. To reduce the chance of termite damage, it is important to have the home inspected. Once the pest control expert is certain the home is termite free, it is time to discuss the prevention of future termite invasions. To learn more about termite control, contact the experts atFlick Pest Control Dubbo.

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