The Three Most Popular Types of Power Recliners in Dallas

The Three Most Popular Types of Power Recliners in Dallas

Power recliners help people to stand without assistance. They are also referred to as medical lift chairs or lift chair recliners. A power recliner lift chair allows a person to recline comfortably using a hand control for convenience.

The best power recliners in Dallas come in three main choices. People can choose to buy the type that is best suited to their needs.

Types of Power Recliners

All types of recliners allow one to get to their feet without help. They mainly differ based on the number of positions they reach. There are three main types of power recliners in Dallas that you can buy.

Two-Position Power Recliners

Two-position power recliners are the most basic and economical and are suited to individuals who require a recliner for casual or minimal use. These lift chairs typically have a reclining range of 45 degrees. However, the footrest and the backrest cannot operate independently of each other. Also, this might not be the best option for those who need a chair for sleeping or prolonged periods of use.

Three-Position Power Recliners

Three-position power recliners allow users to achieve a seated position, lounge position, and reclined position. The reclined position is horizontal enough to nap comfortably; however, it does not become fully horizontal. Similar to the two-position chair, the footrest cannot operate independently.

Infinite-Position Power Recliners

Infinite-position power recliners are the most advanced chairs, offering multiple position settings, and come with headrest and lumbar support. Unlike the two-position and three-position chair, a person can control the footrest and backrest separately. Zero-gravity recliners can go completely flat with the backrest being parallel to the floor. Another type of infinite-position recliner allows one to achieve the Trendelenburg position in which the feet are elevated slightly above the heart.

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