The Benefits of Using Round Tables in Your Next Event

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Shopping & Fashion

Whether you are organizing a wedding or putting together a corporate party, the table setup is a very important aspect. You have two options namely using round table and using rectangular tables. Here is a look at the benefits of using round tables compared to the latter option.


The corners of rectangular tables can be safety hazards especially when the tables are placed near each other. Round tables are the safer option especially when hosting children in the party.

Aesthetic Appeal

By buying wholesale round tablecloths, a party organizer can create a stunning event. The tablecloths can be purchased in any desired color so it matches the event’s décor and theme. The benefits of using round tables include achieving a classic look in any event.

Encourage Socializing

With people around the table able to see each other clearly, it is easy to converse at a round table. Whether one wants to address the person seated across or the one right next, round table make it easy to communicate. To encourage even more socializing, plan to sit people with similar interests on one table.

Host More People

Round tables are able to host more people per square foot of floor space compared to rectangular tables. To make the most of the space, use 72-inch tables. Cover these with 120 round tablecloths for a setup that not only hosts many but also looks great while at it. The 120 round tablecloths drape well and they look great on any table size.

With so many benefits, there is no reason not to opt for round tables. Dress the tables with high-quality linen to create the perfect look. For affordable linen, order wholesale round tablecloths from CV Linens.

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