Tips For Creating Beautiful Looks With Rectangular Table Overlays

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Shopping & Fashion

Table overlays are a very popular choice for weddings as they make it easy to create a beautiful look that is perfectly consistent between each table. A table overlay at weddings or any other event is a second tablecloth placed over the foundation tablecloth to add color and design.

This creates a layered look to the design and to the room. Typically, the base tablecloth at wedding events is white or off-white, with the overlay in the wedding theme color. The result is that all or most of the top of the table is covered with the colored overlay, while the base of the table is covered with the foundation tablecloth and some degree of the overlay tablecloth.

The Rectangular Table Challenge

Many weddings use round tables. This makes it easy to create a design by using a round white base tablecloth topped with a square table overlay. Wedding colors are used for the overlay, creating a unique theme and color palette for the reception. The square overlay appears like triangles hanging down, creating a cascade effect.

With a rectangular table, it is more important to plan the table overlay. Wedding venues that use rectangular tables should be able to provide the tablecloth measurements required.

Square overlays can be used on rectangular tables, with different drop levels on the ends and the sides. The larger the square overlay, the more dramatic the side drops will be on any table size. The other option is to use rectangular tablecloths smaller than the base tablecloth, which completely covers the top and allows for a uniform drop around the table.

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