Stop Porch Pirates From Stealing Your Valuable Packages With Porch Boxes

A rash of thefts occurring across the nation where packages are being taken in broad daylight off of people’s porches are known as “pirating” and the people stealing are known as “porch pirates.” This is occurring a lot more since the start of the pandemic as more people are staying home and ordering things to be delivered to their front doors. If you have firsthand experience with a porch pirate, you might have taken some security measures to ensure that your packages aren’t taken, but they may have been swiped anyway. What you really need is a porch box or locking parcel box. Here’s the added security layer a locking parcel box on your porch can give you.

It’s Like a Protective Storage Locker

You can install video cameras and doorbell cameras on your porch, but they cannot deter porch pirates. You may be able to turn the footage over to the police, but getting your packages back may not happen. To ensure you get your packages, you should have a really good porch box on your porch, large enough to accept most packages and parcels of importance. The locking boxes act as storage lockers for your shipped items.

Delivery Personnel Place the Packages in the Box, Lock It, and Walk Away

The delivery persons bring your packages to the front door. You leave instructions to place the packages in the box with an unlocked lock present. Then your instructions tell the delivery person to lock the box with the available lock. Since you have the only keys to open the box, your packages remain safely on your porch.

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