Steps That Are Being Taken in Some Large Cities to Reduce Air Pollution

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Air Quality Control

The individuals who live in large cities often suffer from health problems related to exposure to pollution and poor air quality. However, many cities are working to make progress to improve the health of the city’s residents using various air quality control systems and cross-border initiatives. Here are a few things they look at when trying to improve air quality.

Those who live in large cities have places to go. They will either drive their own vehicle or use different forms of transportation. Vehicle emission control measures are needed when it comes to improving the quality of the air. Governments, city leaders, and residents try to take steps to reduce vehicle emissions. They may use or encourage the use of bicycles or walking.

There is also the matter of reducing emissions from vessels in cities that are along the coast. They may mandate that water vessels switch to a specific fuel while sailing or berthing.

Steps are being taken to put air quality control systems in place to reduce emissions related to power plants and industrial sources. For example, they may require that industrial processes use low-sulfur diesel. They may try to control emissions by shifting away from the use of coal and using cleaner fuels, like natural gas. Some governments offer incentives to power companies with the goal of helping them find renewable energy sources to generate electricity.

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