Facts About Different Types Of Control Equipment For Air Emissions

Facts About Different Types Of Control Equipment For Air Emissions

The federal government agency known as the EPA sets very strict standards in regards to air pollution. However, each state sets its own particular standards. Many states use monitoring systems that continually monitor emissions so that the reports states require can be made very easily. Here are some facts about different kinds of air emissions control equipment.

Dry Scrubbers

This type of equipment injects specific types of dry chemicals into the emission stream. Sodium bicarbonate is the most widely used chemical for this process. The chemical reaction between the pollutants and the dry chemical neutralizes the waste. The dry chemical is then cleaned from the neutralized waste and, in some cases, the chemical can be used again to dry scrub more pollutants.

Wet Scrubbers

This type of air emissions control equipment acts in much the same way that dry scrubbers work but with liquid chemicals to perform the cleaning instead of dry chemicals. However, unlike the dry chemicals, the wet chemicals cannot be used again.

Air Filters

These types of devices are used to remove particulates from the air. They most often employ fabric filters, cartridges that collect dust, or HEPA filters that remove contaminants and allergens. While used in HVAC systems, they are also used in industrial settings to remove pollutants from exhaust air and make the workplace more comfortable to be in.

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