Planning an Outdoor Event? Why You Need a Portable Sink

Planning an Outdoor Event? Why You Need a Portable Sink

California’s mild climate and beautiful landscapes make a great venue for weddings, parties and festivals, but hosting an outdoor event comes with a few challenges. Hygiene is a common problem, and portable sinks are an effective way to deal with it. Here are three reasons why you need one for your next outdoor event.

Health and Sanitation

Having a source of clean running water allows both your guests and staff to thoroughly clean their hands while eating, preparing food or after using the restroom. Portable handwashing station rental is a convenient an affordable way to promote proper sanitation.

Guests Stay Longer

No one wants to be a party pooper, but guests may call it a night early if they can’t wash their hands. Having a portable sink available helps everyone stay clean and comfortable, so they can keep having fun late into the night.

Installation Is Easy

If you think setting up a portable sink is difficult, think again. Compact and self-contained, these units are designed for easy transport in any environment. Many handwashing station rental companies even set up your sink and take it away when the event is over at no additional cost.

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