Marine Generators for Boats, Yachts, and Military Vehicles and Needs

Marine Generators for Boats, Yachts, and Military Vehicles and Needs

Generators are important for large RVs and commercial vehicles because these usually require a constant power supply. So, the generator picked needs to be light, efficient, quiet, and compact. To make the generator even better, it needs to be completely water-cooled. Fischer Panda Generators has supplied and manufactured these high-quality generators for marine and military customers. water-cooled generators and engines are important because there is no cooling airflow inside of the capsule required. It also helps that the engine doesn’t need to supply the power when a sizable generator can do this for the vehicle.

For marine generators, manufactured for boats and yachts, Fischer Panda distributes generators not only for professional boating but also for leisure boating. These generators are specially customized and can range from 5kW APU to 15kW. If a larger size is needed, Fischer Panda can provide that, too.

What can Fischer Panda offer their customers? They offer worldwide service and support. They offer a 5-year warranty and incredible customer service for any questions or challenges that may arise. They offer a range of onboard power solutions for mobile applications and custom-designed DC and AC diesel power solutions. Generators ranging from 5kW APU to 15kW again come in compact and quiet solutions.

When searching for a generator for boating or military needs, these generators are the best because of their light, quiet, green qualities. Fischer Panda’s customer service and high-quality product make them the top in customer satisfaction and reliability. The customized solutions have made them incomparable to all others.

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