Portable Generators For Recreation, DIY Jobs and Professional Work

Portable Generators For Recreation, DIY Jobs and Professional Work

Heavy-Duty Portable Generators

New Generac generators are readily available with heavy-duty ratings for construction jobs. Typically weighing more than 300 net pounds, such devices come with reinforced steel tubes and durable caster wheels for easy transportation. Once properly set up in a stationary position, the generator retains good stability. Anti-vibration technologies prevent the unit from shaking, jolting, jerking and moving in any direction. Some of the largest Generac generators for sale in New Jersey come with a fuel tank that holds more than 60 liters of gasoline. Maintenance kits also give you extra convenience for repairing and upgrading the generators at the work site. Some typical items from the kits include an air filter, oil filter, oil funnel and spark plugs. In terms of output, some of the most powerful portable generators deliver more than 15,000 running watts.

Light-Duty Portable Generators

Designed for DIY jobs, light-duty Generac generators for sale in New Jersey are easy to carry, install and operate. Some of the top-selling models weigh between 50 and 60 total pounds. You could add several liters of gasoline to the compact fuel tank on a portable generator that’s optimized for simple tasks at home and the backyard. Since the fuel supply is limited, you could take advantage of an eco setting on the main control panel. A light-duty product usually has a running power rating of more slightly more than 2,000 watts.

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