Inpatient Residential Treatment

Inpatient Residential Treatment

When you or your loved one has a substance use disorder or a mental health disorder, residential treatment may be the most effective method of intervening. Our residential facilities offer state-of-the-art treatment in a safe and clean environment. We use scientifically proven methods of care, including trauma-informed counseling and gender-responsive therapy.

We understand that going to a residential treatment facility for substance use disorders is a big decision. The process can disrupt schedules and cause a ripple effect through your family. Our staff does everything possible in order to ensure a smooth transition to our residential treatment facility. Families are welcome to come for our family therapy sessions. This helps with the coping process and the ability to heal after an addiction.

Our staff respects each client’s privacy. We do not divulge any of your confidential information except when required by law. Each person who stays in our residential treatment facility enjoys a customized treatment plan. Clients are treated as partners in care. No two substance use disorders or mental health disorders are alike, and treatment plans should correspond to the unique nature of a person’s situation.

When you or your loved one comes to our treatment facility for inpatient care, you can expect to receive regular communications about progress. We take the time to diagnose mental health disorders that could interfere with moving past a substance use disorder. By treating the whole person, we are able to achieve a better chance at recovery from a substance use disorder.

To learn more about our residential facilities in Minneapolis, give us at River Ridge a call any time. We offer information over the phone, or you can schedule a consultation with us. You may also learn more about our residential facilities in Minneapolis by visiting us online at any time.

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