Impressive Automatic Knives to Add to Your Personal Collection

Impressive Automatic Knives to Add to Your Personal Collection

Once upon a time, automatic knives were called “switchblades.” They were ominous things that flicked out with a push-button release and a flick of one’s wrist. Now you have knives with push-button release, but a wrist movement is no longer necessary. The powerful spring coil inside these Microtech automatic knives creates one quick fluid movement for you. Here’s why you should add these Microtech automatic knives to your personal collection.

Easy to Use, Easy to Carry

You need to be careful carrying these knives, and not because they can hurt you when you carry them in a pocket. No, they can actually be considered concealed lethal weapons in some states. However, that doesn’t make them less easy to carry or more difficult to use. On the contrary, they are easy to carry when folded and locked and easy to use when you need a sharp instrument at a moment’s notice.

Many Different Styles and Blade Lengths

For people who are not familiar with knives, all knives look the same. To someone who collects knives, these knives come in many different styles and blade lengths. To add just one or two Microtech automatic knives is hardly enough for your personal collection. You need a few different lengths and styles to really round out what you have. Knives with special features are also good to have because they might come in handy.

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