Invest In a Top Quality OTF Knife to Suit Your Taste and Provide Security

by | May 3, 2024 | Knives

An OTF or “out the front” knife can easily fit in your pocket or bag. You can invest in an OTF knife that folds out manually or automatically. You can also get one custom made to suit your personal style; in such cases, a benchmade OTF knife to suit your tastes entirely will be one that you can carry for years.

Learn to Manage the Blade

A benchmade OTF knife can be made with your preferred opening mechanism. Once you have it, make sure you can easily grasp the knife from wherever you’re storing it. Next, practice with the knife to make sure you can safely open the knife and avoid the cutting edge, no matter how the knife comes out of your pocket or bag.

A quality OTF knife will hold an edge. No matter what you need to cut, careful managing the blade mechanism will reduce the risk of injury.

Care for Your OTF Knife So it Lasts

Your OTF knife will need cleaned, or at least rinsed, each time you use it. Once you get in the rinsing habit, make sure you are also carefully drying your knife. Whether your knife is a custom tool or simply features a favorite image or color, you need to rinse and dry it carefully to avoid damage over time.

The experts at Viper-Tec Knives produce a wide array of knives that open manually and automatically. Check out the many options on their website at for ideas on which knife you’ll choose to invest in.

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