How to Pay Child Support When Not in a Relationship with the Mother

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Bringing life into the world is a beautiful experience. This moment usually brings the couple together as they prepare to raise a child. Unfortunately, some couples break up and choose to parent their children in separate households. Read on to find out how to pay child support when not in a relationship with the mother.

Establish Paternity

If this is your first time paying child support, then you are not alone, and the process is often stressful. You should start by getting legal advice from Aurora child support lawyers. Establishing paternity may cause conflict, but it is the first step to paying child support. The state must have legal recourse to collect on behalf of the mother of the child.

Establish a Court Order

Many states will file a court order on your behalf when one is not present. However, you should not wait for the state and immediately file a court order. It is best to start supporting your child as early as possible.

Track Your Payments

When you pay child support through the legal system, it leaves behind records of the payments. Your county will assist with collecting the payments. However, it is your responsibility to make the payments on time and keep track of them.

Parenting is much more than providing financially. You also must provide emotional support and spend time with your child. First-time fathers should schedule a meeting with Aurora Child Support Lawyers. Contact Keller Legal Services for a consultation today!

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