3 Benefits of Residential Yard Debris Removal Services in Eugene

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Recycling Center

Debris in your yard not only makes your property look unkempt, but it can also damage your landscaping. Professional yard debris removal in Eugene simplifies the process of cleaning up twigs, leaves, grass clippings, old mulch, and other types of organic materials. Here are three other reasons to use professional yard debris removal for Eugene homeowners.

1. Good for the Environment

Most Eugene homeowners clean up their yards, stuff everything into large garbage bags, and put the waste on the curb for the sanitation workers. When those bags are picked up by the garbage trucks, the final destination is your local landfill. These unsightly dumping areas are becoming an issue for many people who live in metropolitan areas because of the appearance, smell, and abundance of rodents. When you use a professional yard debris removal service, the waste is used for composting that is sold to individuals and landscaping companies.

2. Keeps Your Home Safe

An accumulation of debris on your property increases the risk of fires and flooding. Dried leaves, twigs, branches, and gardening materials are ideal fuel for even the smallest spark. During times of rainfall, the water does not soak into the ground. Instead, it makes small channels in your landscaping that can lead to flooded areas, including your foundation and basement.

3. Boosts Property Values

Eugene homeowners invest a great deal of money and time into making sure that their homes look good on the outside. When you use professional yard debris removal services, you see a return on your investment in the form of a higher property value.

Learn More About Yard Debris Removal

To learn more about professional yard debris removal services for Eugene homeowners, contact Royal Refuse Service today. You can also visit their website at www.royalrefuse.com.

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