How Do General And Cosmetic Dentists Help You?

How Do General And Cosmetic Dentists Help You?

Did you know that around 75% of the American population are suffering from gum diseases right now, half of which have been caused due to neglected gaps in the front or back jaw? Further on, 28,000 annual cases of oral cancer have been reported in the past year. Most urban citizens tend to postpone their dentist visits to the end of the month or the year. And before you know it, you would have missed out on visiting your family dentist the last two times you were supposed to. Many patients are worried about the costs involved in cosmetic dentistry, and tend to keep the bridges and braces for a later date. As the statistics suggest, this later date almost invariably comes a little too late!

Walk into any dental clinic today and you are likely to find both general and cosmetic dentistry services available at easily affordable prices. Remember, a well timed oral screening can save you from oral cancer that is irreversible in later stages. What are the different types of processes involved in cosmetic and general dentistry services provided at a dentist’s clinic? Let us take a quick look.

General Dentistry: These are the traditional dentistry practices that include plague removal, teeth extraction, root, dental cleaning, and fillings. Many experts opine that dental implants are also a part of traditional dentistry that have been used since ancient times, although mainly for cosmetic purposes. In present times, general dentistry concentrates more on adopting a prophylactic approach and does not always involve tooth extraction. A prophylactic approach means that the dentists work towards prevention of oral disease through extensive screening and cleaning. So, do keep all your fears of a painful session aside and visit your family dentist frequently to maintain good oral health.

Cosmetic Dentistry: The processes involved in cosmetic dentistry include teeth whitening, metal braces, root canal treatments, dental veneers, and many such processes that concentrate on improving the aesthetic appeal of the patient’s smile. More intrusive cosmetic corrections like jaw-bone adjustments perfect the shape of the face, thus, improving overall looks. A cosmetic dentist works towards giving you relief not just from a painful dental condition but also perfect the overall looks of their patients.

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