How to choose Quality Custom stash Jars

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Container Supplier

Have you had enough of continually replacing your stash jar? The only way to use your stash is when it is fresh; therefore, it is frustrating to purchase more weed every time you buy a new stash jar. But what could be the problem? Maybe you continually purchase shabby stash jars? Therefore, it is necessary that you are aware of how to identify a quality custom stash jar.

The following is a guide to a quality custom stash jar;

1. A custom stash Jar should be Airtight

An airtight stash jar prevents excess oxygen entry to the container, as excess air causes the weed to degrade. Therefore, to ensure that your custom stash jar is airtight, consider one with a lid embedded with a rubber closure. The top should also be the right size to ensure no air goes into the container. Once you purchase your jar, often check for cracks to ascertain that the pot remains air-free.

2. Consider a glass custom stash jar

Have you ever found your flowers with molds? Even though your stash jar was airtight and stored in a dry area, somehow, your stash had mold! Chances could be that you used a plastic stash jar. Plastic stash jars often sweat; therefore, when the moisture comes into contact with your cannabis, they develop molds. So much for your fresh flowers!

To ensure that your stash remains moisture-free, always go for a glass stash jar.

3. Choose an opaque stash jar

Now, if you want to use your weed months after storage, you need to ensure that the stash is not exposed to light. This is because light causes essential chemicals in cannabis to deteriorate, and you will not attain the desired effect once you consume the weed. Therefore, ensure you purchase an opaque custom stash jar or one made with amber glass.

The quality of your stash jar helps to ensure that your stash remains fresh months after storing it. Therefore, consider these tips in your hunt for a quality stash jar.

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