Hiring a Saginaw, TX Bondsman to Get Out of Jail Quickly

Getting arrested and thrown in jail is not the ideal way people want to spend time, so when it happens, they want to be able to get out of jail quickly. If they don’t have the money to make the bail set by the judge, they can always turn to a bail bonding agency which is usually available around-the-clock. A to understands how desperately people want to get out of jail and offers bail bonding services for that purpose. Here is a look at the bail bonding process in Texas.

Looking at the Bail Bonding Process in Texas

Hiring a professional bail bonding service is usually the option a defendant will want to take because the agents usually are known to the court system and there will be fewer complications. For their services, bail bonding agencies will typically charge the defendant 10 percent of the full bond amount, which is non-refundable to the defendant. In addition, the defendant or a representative will have to put up collateral to help secure the bail bond. The collateral will be lost if the defendant fails to meet the obligations required by the court and the bail bond agency.

More about the Bail Process in Texas

The good thing about having the services of a bail bonding agency is that the defendant may be able to be released from the jail as early as 15 minutes, but no more than 24 hours. It all depends upon how crowded and busy the jail is and whether the jail is a city jail or a county jail. Once out, all the defendant has to do to ensure the collateral is safe is simply show up for the court proceedings as scheduled.

A Bail Bonding Agency in Saginaw, Texas

There are the all throughout the State of Texas, including in Saginaw. Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds is a bail agent in the Saginaw, Texas area that provides bail bonding services to defendants and their families. If a person is in need of a Saginaw TX Bondsman, the agency is available. Contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds Today at the website.

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