Endoscopy – Visually Examining your Upper GI

Endoscopy – Visually Examining your Upper GI

Hearing your regular physician suggest that perhaps you should see a specialist and undergo a procedure called an endoscopy can be somewhat frightening, especially when you are not certain what endoscopy is or why you might need it. Endoscopy is a procedure used to visualize the interior of the esophagus and stomach with a tiny camera located on the end of a tube. Endoscopy is performed by gastroenterologists—with the patient under heavy sedation—and is used to diagnose a variety of upper gastrointestinal (GI) problems so that appropriate treatment can be provided.

When many of us hear the words “upper GI,” we tend to think of an x-ray that involves drinking a thick and unpleasant tasting liquid. However, direct visual examination of the upper GI system can provide a much more complete picture of what is going on within your system because your doctor is able to look right at it. An endoscope, the instrument used by the gastroenterologist in endoscopy, slides down the throat and into the stomach to visualize and diagnose ulcers, hiatal hernias, obstructions or inflammations in the upper GI tract.

Patients who have this procedure are under heavy sedation so they will not experience any discomfort. This is an outpatient procedure with relatively few risks or associated side-effects other than some discomfort from the gas used to inflate the stomach and a mildly sore throat from swallowing the tube. Patients are typically monitored in a recovery setting after the procedure is complete, and they will require someone to drive them home and stay with them for the remainder of the day.

Endoscopy is considered the preferred diagnostic tool for most disorders of the upper GI system, according to the National Institute of Health. If you are having symptoms that may indicate the presence of an ulcer or a hiatal hernia, or possibly some other disorder of the digestive system, the first thing to do is contact your regular physician. Together, you will discuss and evaluate your symptoms. The physician may then provide a referral to a gastroenterologist for further testing and evaluation. Gastroenterologists are physicians that are highly specialized in the evaluation, testing, and diagnosing of all conditions related to your digestive system.

Care and management of your health is a partnership between you and your doctors. Knowledge is power. Understand your symptoms and what the next steps are. Make your appointments for your endoscopy in Jacksonville and get relief.

Endoscopy Jacksonville – Endoscopy procedure is available at the Digestive Disease Consultants Clinic in the Jacksonville area.

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