Fitness Workouts That Work: Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy After 40

Fitness Workouts That Work: Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy After 40

Though national attention is increasingly focused on health, it can feel overwhelming to begin your weight loss journey after the age of forty. For men looking to design the ultimate fitness routine, consider the following tips and tricks to boost your physical and mental health:

Make Fit, Fun

Like your wife who power-walks with her friends, or your daughter who chatters endlessly about her yogi, there is a veritable benefit to working out with others. Not only will you boost accountability, but you’ll initiate a bit of friendly competition between the guys (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good rough and tumble of rec league soccer?). Combine your group exercise with an individual workout that piques your interest and keeps you motivated, making sure to find a facility where you feel comfortable, and accepted.

Mix It Up

From cardio and weights to a bit of horseplay in the backyard with the kids, you’ll want to keep your body guessing when it comes to working out. Do a bit of research on specific muscle groups, and look into exercises or routines that specifically target the areas you’d like to work on (bye bye, dad bod!). Most importantly, combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise to improve both your active and at-rest heath.

As an older male, it can feel pretty daunting to find the right fitness workouts for optimal health. Designed to transform your mind, body, and spirit, The MAX Challenge is the ultimate fitness experience in Pennington, New Jersey, and guarantees success no matter your age. Stop in today or contact us online at THE MAX Challenge of Lawrenceville/Pennington, NJ to learn more!

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