An Introduction To A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Valdosta

Your first visit with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Valdosta will determine whether you qualify for this type of debt relief. He or she will walk you through the many steps required to file your case. In the first visit with this lawyer, he or she informs you of what paperwork is necessary and, which documents you should bring to his or her office. Your preferred counsel will carefully look over this data. Once he or she believes that your case is feasible and that other debt-relief options are not accessible to you, the petition is filed. The waiting period for a response from the court depends greatly on geographical area and the legislation governing bankruptcies in your location.

Your selected attorney reports back to you when he or she hears from the court. Usually a hearing is scheduled, and you appear before the judge. Prior to this hearing, your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Valdosta speaks to your creditors associated with this bankruptcy. It is possible that he or she may acquire a settlement for some or all of these debts. The success of obtaining a settlement is based on the creditor’s ability to accept a lower amount of money to dissolve the debt. There is not a guarantee that this is the case every time. All bankruptcies are different and creditors may still require the full amount owed. Typically large corporations such as credit-card companies are more willing to reach a settlement than banks or finance companies.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Valdosta works with the presiding judge to enable to you reach the best options possible. The judge, however, has the deciding vote over how long you may remain in bankruptcy and which debts qualify for discharge. He or she will additionally explain to you the importance of managing your bankruptcy payments on time and the penalties if you fail to do so. Most debtors who fail to handle these payments in a timely manner are discharged from the bankruptcy and required to pay the full amount of all debts owed. All waiting periods between paying off creditors is waived during discharge.

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