What to Do While You Wait For Roadside Assistance in Phoenix, AZ

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Automotive

If your car experiences mechanical failure on the road, your only choice may be to call for roadside assistance in Phoenix, AZ. It will usually take more than a few minutes for help to arrive, so you should be prepared to wait safely. Whether you’re traveling alone or with others, you can use these tips to help you stay safe on the road until help does arrive.

Move Your Vehicle Out of Traffic
Your first step should be to get your car or truck out of the lanes of traffic. If there’s a wide shoulder, you can just move the vehicle onto the shoulder. Otherwise, you may have to drive it or push it farther off the road. You should use whatever land is available to ensure oncoming traffic won’t pose a greater safety risk.

Use Your Hazard Lights
You should activate your hazard lights immediately upon pulling off of the roadway. If you have road flares, you should set them up around the outside of your vehicle as well. The hazard lights and flares will make it easier for the other drivers to see you from a distance. Additionally, the lights will help the tow truck driver find your vehicle.

Keep Yourself and Your Passengers Safe
If you feel safe sitting inside your vehicle, you should remain there as you await roadside assistance in Phoenix, AZ. Otherwise, everyone should exit the vehicle via the passenger side and remain on that side of the vehicle. If possible, you and your passengers should step back away from the vehicle and the shoulder of the road. This will help you stay safer and reduce your risks of injuries as you wait for help to arrive.

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