Your Business Needs an Arlington Heights, Illinois Tax Attorney

Your Business Needs an Arlington Heights, Illinois Tax Attorney

A few years ago you purchased a medium sized factory manufacturing custom garments for women of distinction. Your accountant, who worked for the previous owner, has told you that he has done everything correctly for the payroll taxes for your business. However, as much as you want to believe him, you have received communication from the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS) telling you that there are issues with what you have been doing with the payroll taxes since you took over.

You now realize that you must contact an Arlington Heights payroll tax lawyer to help you out of any hot water that you and your business might be in with the IRS. You have always paid the correct taxes for all the other businesses you own and now you regret not hiring a new accountant whose total allegiance would be to you, and who obviously may or may not know how to do your payroll taxes correctly.

You are seeking a law firm that has vast experience with handling payroll tax and even more importantly, which can help you get out of any trouble you may be in with the IRS. Frankly, you are very concerned. You have never experienced anything like this before and you need an Arlington Heights payroll tax lawyer in whom you can place your trust and who will be there for you if your case demands an attorney to get you straight with the US government.

You have asked around among your business associates and one has recommended a law firm you think might be a good fit for you.

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