Will My Small Home Based Business Be Covered Under Houston Home Insurance?

Will My Small Home Based Business Be Covered Under Houston Home Insurance?

Many homeowners get insurance on their new houses, because they can’t get a mortgage without it. Not until something happens to the house do they even read the policy. Small home based business owners are surprised when the company tells them “too bad” when their loss is reported. Why isn’t it covered?

What’s Actually Covered

Online house owner insurance The Woodlands TX covers the structure, furnishings, and personal belongings inside it. The policy covers a structure hit by storms, hail, fire, theft, and lightning strikes. It does not cover a structure damaged by flooding or earthquakes. The policy covers other structures on the property like sheds, a detached garage, or fences. You may add protection for various things to the policy to cover things the policy excludes.

Why A Home Based Business Isn’t Covered

Depending on what type of home based business you have, your online house owner insurance The Woodlands TX policy could be invalidated. You’re living there, not running a business. Separate business insurance is required if you run a home based business.

What Kind Of Business Insurance?

Stock for your business should be insured, with business equipment likewise. If customers come to your house for a service or to buy product, then you’ll need liability insurance. You’ll also need this if the UPS guy falls and hurts himself delivering product to your home.

Using your car for transporting product or going to provide a service should be covered also. Insurance Offices Texas will be happy to walk home based business owners through their insurance needs when you contact us for more information.

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