Why You Should Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Case

Why You Should Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Case

There are two systems that can try you for a crime: federal and state. Generally speaking, most crimes are handled by the states. However, there are times when the federal government gets involved. And when it does, the stakes are often higher, which is why you should contact a federal criminal defense attorney when facing federal charges.

Different Laws and Procedures

The federal and state criminal systems are very similar. However, there are differences in both the law and procedure that set them apart. Because of this, it’s essential to hire an attorney who understands the federal system and has experience in it. If you hire an attorney without federal experience, your case may suffer setbacks as the attorney familiarizes themself with the system.

Higher Stakes

Federal crimes often come with higher penalties than the same crimes in state court. Any time the stakes get raised in legal proceedings, it is important to have the best legal option available. For federal criminal matters, the best choice is an experienced federal criminal defense attorney in Chicago.

When to Contact a Federal Defense Attorney

Federal investigations usually start far before an arrest. Often times, federal agents make multiple contacts with their target or the target’s business and social acquaintances before an arrest occurs. This happens through informal and formal interviews as well as through the use of search warrants. If you experience any contact with federal agents, then it is a good idea to speak with a federal defense attorney. They will make sure your rights aren’t trampled during the investigation.

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