What You Should Know When Applying for a Probate Loan in Middletown, NJ

What You Should Know When Applying for a Probate Loan in Middletown, NJ

While receiving an inheritance can be a great help financially, it does nothing for you while the money is tied up in probate. Because the courts have a process that they must adhere to, it could take you months or longer to actually receive your money. If you are interested in applying for a probate loan, here are some things you should know.

They Are Really an Advance

Although they are referred to as loans, inheritance “loans” are merely an advance on the money you will be receiving. For this reason, a lender will need to assess the estate in order to determine how much you will inherit. After which, they might offer to give you up to half of your inheritance, with interest of course. Keep in mind that in doing this, you will be giving the lender rights to your money once probate has finished.

The Good and the Bad

Inheritance loans can work well for you if you are in a financial bind as they allow you to get some of the money quickly without having to make any payments. Although there is no credit or income check, the amount of money that you pay in interest and fees can be a bit high.

Before applying for a probate loan, make sure you are certain that it is something you want to do. If so, be sure to deal with a lender who will offer you the best rates, so you are not losing thousands of dollars in the end.

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