What Will Home Care Services Do For Your Senior Parent in Harrisburg, PA?

What Will Home Care Services Do For Your Senior Parent in Harrisburg, PA?

As your parents age, you’ll begin to notice that their health is also declining. In most cases, there really isn’t a cause to be alarmed about this natural part of aging. As long as they can get the help they need in their daily lives, your senior parents can remain in their own homes to live satisfying lives. Here are a few ways that home care services in Harrisburg, PA, can help your parents.

Help With Personal Care
As people age, they tend to forget to attend to their personal hygiene, and this can ultimately affect their overall health. For example, it’s common for seniors to forget to brush their teeth twice a day or to wash their hair on a regular schedule. A home care aide will make sure your senior parent performs these tasks, or they may assist your parent if they can’t do these things for themselves.

Help Running Errands
Aides sent out by home care services in Harrisburg PA, will also help their elder clients run errands out of the home. This is especially important for seniors who are experiencing advanced cognitive degeneration, such as dementia. It can be very easy for a senior to get lost and feel frustrated even in a familiar area. Having an aide with them will prevent this type of situation, ensuring your senior parent makes it home safely.

Perform Light Housekeeping
Seniors aren’t as physically stable as others due to bone degeneration and the loss of lean muscle mass. This makes them more prone to slip and fall accidents even when performing simple tasks. A caregiver that’s with your senior parent during the day will perform vacuuming, dusting, and other minor housekeeping chores that could pose a safety risk to your parent.

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