What to Know About a TBI Specialist in Atlanta, GA

What to Know About a TBI Specialist in Atlanta, GA

When you have suffered any brain injury, you need to see a TBI specialist in Atlanta, GA. This type of professional specializes in traumatic brain injuries, and they will diagnose and treat you to improve your quality of life. Expect them to use FDA-approved, evidence-based diagnostics for all types of head injuries. The brain injury specialists will use the results to provide you with comprehensive, personal care.


When you meet with a TBI specialist in Atlanta, GA, they will start by focusing on six areas with diagnostic testing. The first is cognitive function and fatigue, as you may be experiencing decreased concentration, increased distractibility, and difficulty multitasking. You can also feel fatigued throughout the day. They also test for any impairment of your vestibular system, which controls your balance. The specialists look for any ocular-motor dysfunction, which is where your eyes may have an issue. They check for post-trauma headaches and cervical spine issues, as well as changes in your anxiety or mood.


Once you finish your diagnostic testing, your TBI specialist in Atlanta, GA, will meet with you to discuss a personalized plan. They will address your specific symptoms to help you improve your quality of life. They will work with your doctor and the providers who are needed for your treatment to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Their goals are to help you succeed in your recovery, and they will perform follow-up tests as necessary to help you continue moving forward.

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