What to Know About a Rowhome Unit Inspection in Denver, CO

What to Know About a Rowhome Unit Inspection in Denver, CO

If you own any multi-family rental property, you are required to have it inspected. This includes apartment buildings, senior living centers, condominiums, rowhomes, etc. For rowhomes, you will need a rowhome unit inspection in Denver, CO. The Denver regulations require a random inspection of 10% of the units, and there are professionals who can handle it for you.

What Needs to Be Inspected?

When you get a rowhome unit inspection in Denver, CO, the experts will inspect everything that is required. They know the rules and regulations set by Denver. These professionals inspect every unit that is basement level or below ground, in addition to the random selection of units. This is important as it ensures that there is dual egress and no leaks. They work with property management staff to make sure that you have the best chance of passing the inspection the first time. During the pre-inspection process, they inform you of common issues to look for.

The Inspection Checklist

When you call for a rowhome unit inspection in Denver CO, there are nine main sections that need to be addressed. First is egress, which is critical to safety. They will inspect the water systems, the electrical systems and fire safety. In addition, they inspect the walls, roof, and foundation. They need to check the trash removal and make sure that pest control is in place. You must have the required utilities, equipment, and services, and they must be functional. Finally, they ensure that any unit is safe and sanitary for human habitation.

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