What to Check Before Replacing Your Fiber Optic Cable in Miami

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Industrial Goods and Services

The quality of your fiber optic cable will determine the speed and efficiency of your business’ internet connection. However, before you contact fiber optic cable suppliers about replacing your existing cables, there are a few things to check. These suggestions can help you determine if you really do need to replace your equipment.

Look For Excessive Bending
You should look at the entire length of your cable to find out if there are any places where the cable is sharply wound around corners, desk legs, or other structures. This type of constant or excessive bending can eventually cause the cables to break. If you have left cables bent or twisted for a long period, it’s likely that cable will need to be replaced.

Loose Connections
You should also take a closer look at the connections. A loose connection or a disconnected cable can explain any problems you’re experiencing with your internet usage. Even if the connection seems secure, try disconnecting and reconnecting it at both ends to ensure you’re sending and receiving good signals.

Consider the Length
You should also look at the length of your cable before contacting fiber optic cable suppliers for a replacement. If the cable is too long, the signal strength can be compromised and your internet speed will suffer. If it’s possible, look for ways to shorten the length of your cable before ordering new cables.

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