What Soil Testing in Hardeman County, TN, Will Tell You About Your Land

What Soil Testing in Hardeman County, TN, Will Tell You About Your Land

Whether you’re just starting a farm or garden or have been growing crops for a period of time, you should already have done some soil testing in Hardeman County TN. This is a process of evaluating the health of the soil to ensure anything you plant will result in healthy crops. Once you complete the testing, you can determine what changes need to be made to the soil before you can plant a new crop.

The pH Value
The most important reason for testing your soil each year is to determine the pH level in the soil. A healthy pH value that’s around 6 to 6.5 will have the necessary nutrients to grow healthy plants and crops. However, if that level rises, the soil will lose nutrients that are essential to healthy growth. In particular, you’ll see a depletion of iron, phosphorus, and other necessary compounds.

Lack of Nutrients
Even with a healthy pH, your soil may lack essential nutrients that help certain types of crops grow. Each type of crop requires a different range of nutrients, so you will have to know what your intended crop needs to thrive. Once you compare the existing nutrients with those required by your crops, you can use soil additives to create the ideal growing environment.

Accuracy is Important

When you conduct soil testing in Hardeman County, TN, it’s necessary to get an accurate evaluation. For that reason,. you should avoid adding fertilizer or moisture to the soil ahead of conducting the test. You’ll want the soil in a natural state to ensure your readings will give you the right information you need to grow healthier crops.

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