What Property Owners Need to Know About Sewage Pumps in New Jersey

What Property Owners Need to Know About Sewage Pumps in New Jersey

Many people assume that their waste removal needs are covered as long as they have a working sewer or septic system. However, when it comes to waste removal, it’s always a good idea to have as much help getting the waste from point A to point B. Sewage pumps in New Jersey safeguard properties from backups and make waste removal worry-free.

What Is a Sewage Pump?

Sewage pumps are similar to sump pumps. Many people have sump pumps in their basements, but they’ve never heard about the benefits of sewage pumps. The latter pumps handle solid objects and liquid that passes through the drains from household appliances and bathroom fixtures. The pump works with gravity and pushes the waste through the sewage pipes making sure it’s removed from the house.

Does Every House Need a Sewage Pump?

If the main sewer line is buried under the concrete foundation, a sewage pump isn’t necessary. Pumps come in handy when the main sewer line is installed above the concrete floor and exits the home through an exterior wall. A set-up always necessitates a pump. It makes removing sludge and other waste easier.

Maintaining Sewer Pumps

Like any plumbing component, sewer pumps need attention once in a while. If large objects get stuck in the pump, it might need channeling performed by a local plumber.

Who Installs Sewer Pumps?

Sewer pumps must be installed by professional and licensed plumbers. Sewer pump installation is not a DIY job. Contact a local plumbing company to learn more about sewage pumps in New Jersey.

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