What People Should Know About Wheelchair Lifts in La Crosse, WI

Vehicle lifts for wheelchairs give people freedom and mobility and add to the quality of one’s life. When purchasing a wheelchair lift in La Crosse, WI, for one’s vehicle, it’s important to purchase the right one. Learn more about the different types of lifts below to make an informed purchase.

Outside Vehicle Lifts

Outside lifts are installed on the back of a vehicle using a hitch and an actuator. The lift has a platform and this is the area where the wheelchair or powerchair is secured. An outside lift is an economical way to transport a wheelchair and help one move from place to place.

Inside Vehicle Lifts

One of the drawbacks of the outside vehicle lift is that the wheelchair isn’t well-protected. The inside vehicle lift solves this problem. An interior lift is installed in the back of a van or SUV in the cargo section. In most cases, the wheelchair lift can be installed without sacrificing any existing third-row seating. Most inside vehicle lifts are low profile and lightweight and work well in compact spaces without reducing driver visibility.

Hybrid Lifts

These lifts make it easier for people to drive on and drive off the ramp. They’re installed in the cargo area like the inside lift but lower to the ground like an outside lift. Of the three types of wheelchair lifts, the hybrid works best with power chairs due to their design. Most people using wheelchairs prefer outside or interior lifts.

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