Uses of Wide Format Printing in Atlanta, GA

by | May 19, 2022 | Business

The popularity of wide format printing has increased in the past two decades. This is because the printer manufacturing companies have designed printers to print images over sixty inches, which can be used by companies for printing banners, posters, and POP displays for advertising.


With the ability to print 36-inch and 44-inch wide and 100ft long images, the wide format printing in Atlanta, GA, is a suitable choice for banners. The banner can be printed with the business logo and contact details, which serves as a great marketing tool during corporate exhibitions to get more leads. In addition, this printing technique can be used for posters to advertise the products and services at product launch events.

Backdrops and Repeat Banners

A wide format digital printer can be used to produce repeat banners as well backdrops. The repeat banners can be designed with the company logo and contact information along with the photo backdrop. So, whenever someone stands in front of the backdrop for photos, the brand logo will be visible, promising indirect marketing.

Trade Show Booths

A trade show booth has to be attractive and eye-catchy. For this reason, Wide Format Printing In Atlanta, GA, can help create a booth that attracts the attendees of the show and brings more leads for the product. These printers can be used for creating wall graphics and table cloths for showcasing the products.


The contracting and construction companies often rely on blueprints to identify the current construction processes and show the client how the construction will move forward, and these large-scale blueprints can be designed with wide format printing. However, to create blueprints with wide format printers, it’s best to use economy papers.

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