Understanding the Role of a Co-Signer in Agreements With Bail Bond Agents in Mansfield

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Agents in Mansfield do what they can to make surety bonds available to defendants being held in jail before trial. Most of these men and women cannot afford cash bail because they do not earn enough money and do not have much in savings. If the relative arranging for the bond cannot pay the entire service fee, a co-signer may be required since this agreement now essentially becomes a loan.

Risks for the Co-Signer

Finding a co-signer isn’t always easy, which adds more stress to the situation. The co-signer is at risk of becoming liable for the entire service fee if the defendant and the relative who signed for the bond default on the payments. Even worse, the co-signer may become liable for the full bail if the defendant runs away and does not appear at trial.

Why People Co-Sign for Bonds

Nevertheless, many people do co-sign because they want very much to help in difficult circumstances. They may also be relatives of a defendant or they might be close friends. They don’t think it’s fair that this person has to stay in a detention center when he or she hasn’t even been convicted of a crime. The idea that some people can easily get out because they can afford the price of freedom seems unconstitutional, and many would declare that it definitely is.

Monitoring Defendants After Release

Bail bond agencies sometimes monitor defendants to make sure they make all their court appointments as scheduled. An agent might drive the person to a hearing, for example. The defendant might be required to call the agency on a schedule and verify his or her whereabouts. Those who helped out by arranging for the bond can keep an eye on this person as well.

Since these lower-income defendants and family members would probably be ineligible for a bank loan, they are glad they have the option of paying Bail Bond Agents in Mansfield with installments. A down payment might be made with a credit card if anyone in the family has that financial tool available.

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