Understanding How to Receive the Most Value From Your Auto Insurance

Understanding How to Receive the Most Value From Your Auto Insurance

With so many auto insurance choices in St. Augustine, it can be difficult to determine which options are best for your specific situation. While it can be tempting to go with the bare-bones, low-price option, there are other variables to consider in addition to the price. To help you find a policy that’s an all-around great value, then, here are a few characteristics to think through as you shop around.

Full-Service or Online-Only

Many St. Augustine auto insurance companies provide coverage at a shockingly low rate by only offering their services online. This can be a viable option until you actually need to utilize your policy. That’s why full-service insurance agencies tend to provide a better value for your money, as they are located in your local area and are easily accessible when you need them. This allows you to talk, in-person, to an experienced agent to ensure you have the coverage that’s right for you at an affordable rate.

Reciprocal Discounts

Many times, you can receive a discount on your St. Augustine auto insurance if you are a member of certain organizations such as college alumni groups or unions. In turn, your insurance company may offer discounts to local attractions and other purchases you make, allowing your premium amount to go even further. If you do a lot of traveling, these discounts can make a big difference in the viability of one insurance company versus another.

The Real You

Speaking of discounts, just because you choose a full-service insurance agency doesn’t mean you want to pay more than you would for an online-only agency. Fortunately, full-service agencies offer the opportunity for many discounts on your premium due to their proximity to your location. Since they’re local people, they get to know you and your family quite well over the course of the time that you insure your vehicle with them. Therefore, they can find discounts on your premiums that you may not be aware you’re eligible to receive. This can put the price of your coverage in-line with the price of the online agencies, even though you’re receiving a superior level of service.

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